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what's your super-power?

Himself has an amazing ability to wake up - on time - with out the need of an alarm clock. Which was a much needed gift last Tuesday. He bounded out of bed and muttered darkly something fairly Anglo-Saxon in origin and although I did not hear the actual wordage - I immediately understood the implications and the necessary action required. I did not even bother getting dressed, shrugging on a dressing gown and stumbling downstairs on still asleep feet.

In an uncoordinated move the radio and kettle were switched on and the fridge opened so I could make Youngest's packed lunch - he has a temporary summer (ish) job until he goes to uni and he has had to endure (as do we) some unsavory early mornings.

It took some time (a tea and then swiftly followed by a coffee) to surface from the stupor but we managed, Youngest got to work on time (just), all thanks to Himself and his super-power.

I am different. I taste the air, I dream of the sea, I speak to trees, I become the hill, I hug the sky - I am a shape shifter - that is my super power.

As for my getting up ability? Himself wakes up on time, I wake up when I am ready!

What is your super power?


  1. I don't know that I have any super-powers I can boast about but I do know I wake up very much the same way you do {giggle}. If I have slept well I've no trouble is slipping out of bed at 6.30am to enjoy the silence of the house or garden, just don't expect me to be make conversation or be sociable for three or four hours!

  2. I've definitely not got any super powers, not a good sleeper generally & am usually awake around 5am, sometimes a little later & up by 6.30am, whereas DH sleeps till 8am. Have a happy Easter & take care.

  3. I have the same talent as your DH. All I have to tell myself is what time to get up and that's all. My mother used to call me the human alarm clock. What has this gotten me? Absolutely nothing, but everyone has a talent of some sort. We humans are all unique enigmas.

    Best wishes from Best Bun

    Best wishes from Best Bun

  4. I wake up by myself most of the time...It used to be better when I was younger but now I have insomnia.
    My son is like your son, he wakes without an alarm clock. Happy Easter!

  5. I have a himself here too that wakes just before the alarm goes off. He's a treasure and brings me a cuppa in bed so I wake up beautifully and enjoy a slow start to my day.

  6. I get irritable if I can't wake up slowly. My alarm clock has to give me several snoozes. By which time my other half is usually up and about feeding the pets and making a brew. :) X


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