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flying visit to drop off words

With apologies, I have been a little quiet on the blogging front.

Although I have many stories weaving in and out of my life, some have made me laugh, some made me cry and some have made my heart squeeze, none are suitable to share - for personal reasons, for pride and for some reason - I seem to be unable to find the enthusiasm to blog.

I am not falling off the radar far from it - probably just need a break. 

My art and all things art have taken over at the moment - most of my day is making/painting/sketching and creating and in the evenings when I used either blog or knit - I sketch, sketch, sketch.

Any hoo - I am still here, 
just probably in the summerhouse with a furrowed brow,
pencil grasped lightly,
radio on and a mug of tea.

Words for end of the Month of May
View (from the seat!)
Starts with a P
My own choice.

We will reconvene to share and show our pictures and stories on Friday May 31st. Until then! x


  1. Sometimes we all need to take time off, nothing wrong with that. Your work is beautiful!!

  2. Take a deep breath and know that some of us are right there with you. Sometimes I feel like I can not breath.... but I know there are friends who care. I must tell you how much I love your drawings. Beautiful.

  3. Such beautiful art.
    Such a beautiful email . . . there will be a reply. xxx

  4. Thanks for the words. I recognise some of the place you have sketched. Well done.

  5. OMG!! What a beautiful bounty of artwork. You are amazing. We forgive your lack of posts, but do hope you keep on blogging. Your photography & accompanying words are so lovely & encouraging for all of us. Take care & big huggles from down under.

  6. Be kind to yourself and take the time and space you need xx

  7. Everyone needs to take a blogging break occasionally, no need to apologise for doing so if that's what you need. Your sketches are beautiful and I love the foxes - you have such talent :) I only wish I was good at art but I couldn't draw anything if my life depended on it :(

  8. Love your work. Just breathe.x

  9. No need to apologise...we all have many parts to our lives that we don't share within the public arenax

  10. Loving your sketches and your posts are always worth waiting for. Thanks for new interesting selection of words. xxx

  11. You are so very talented. Enjoy the creativity and the joys your wonderful gift brings.

  12. Your sketches are just beautiful Kate :)

  13. Good for you, do what makes you happy.
    Your sketches are lovely, I especially love the foxes!


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