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May photos for scavenger hunt

A sublime late spring evening picnic.
Still cool enough to need winter quantity clothing, but warm enough to be able to linger (briefly!)

View(from that seat)
 The view slightly to the left of the above seat, 
but still of the same hill. (Pendle)

Best (if a little pricey) pies on the Isle of Skye, saddened to hear the owners
decided to close their lovely shop and bakery
choosing to do Yoga instead.

Starts with a P
Lentil and vegetable curry pie with optional view (but recommended)
from the above shop

Low tide at Berwick.
Little boats tootle back and forth - not always fishing or tourism,
just tootling.

Own Choice



  1. Great photos, I love the view from the seat and the last photo is just stunning :)

  2. Lovely photographs, Kate. Right at this moment the one of the pie is my favourite. Surely it must be lunchtime by now. X

  3. Sunsets are lovely arent they. This time of year especially. The pie looks and sounds good. Making them though might not have been very relaxing, hence the yoga. ;)

  4. Lovely photos. Your own choice photo is wonderful. I love your seat photo and its view and the boats and bridge too:)

  5. I can smell that pie! Your own choice is my choice too; pity every sunset can't be like this!

  6. A very tasty looking pie. Stunning sunset.

  7. Lovely Kate. Pity about the Pie Shop, but all the views in the above post are stunning. Thanks for sharing & hosting. Take care.

  8. Yoga over a bakery, so sad! ;) I'm glad you were able to enjoy a pie with a view before they closed.
    All your photos have lovely views, especially the sunset!

  9. Lovely pictures as ever. Closing your favourite bakery and replacing it with yoga must be a sign of the times and change in type of tourist visiting Skye. Sad. Your favourite picture seems to be everyone else's too. Not surprising it is gorgeous. xx

  10. Lovely set of photos. I really must come over to the other side and visit Pendle sometime soon.

  11. Great photos Kate - like John, I really must try and do some walking when we're next over your way and see those beautiful hills


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