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There have been delightful signs of spring.

The unexpected lambs spotted in the field with their waggling tails as they suckled.

The still tightly closed, but full of promise, Snowdrop buds all over my garden and in the hedgerows.

Crocus flowers just beginning to open in the gardens at work.
Seedlings magically appearing overnight in the glasshouse.
Skies are still grey and wild,
the winds still howl as Storm Malik gives way to Storm Corrie and the rain hammers down, 
but there is still promise.
Yesterday we drove over to Eldest and his lovely partner and spent the afternoon with them,
chatting and catching up...
...exploring their lovely little town overflowing with history,
and quirky and unexpected sculptures.
We wrapped up but probably could have worn a lot more as we followed the trails.
My fingers soon felt chilled to the bone as I tried to take photos,
so they are few and far between.
Storm Malik was reaching it's peak as we went past one of the many reservoirs near by, 
we stopped to watch the boiling and violent water with the spray whipping wildly in the buffeting winds.

Once again the weekend has slipped unhesitatingly to an end before we are ready for it to finish.
We have filled most of the hours, so shouldn't complain,
but a day or two more
would not have

Hope your week is a happy one🤍🤍🤍🤍

And hello to my latest followers,
welcome to my little corner of the world xx


  1. I must admit that I first felt the approach of spring today. Even managed a walk down the garden to see what was occurring. Lots of green shoots starting to appear … lots of jobs too. Need to build u to those though 😃

    1. Some of the hints of spring I have been actively looking for, like the snowdrops, but the lambs were a complete surprise😁

  2. Great photos, which don't show how cold you were really. The sculptures are lovely & the snowdrops are so pretty & I love seeing them on blogs, as we only seem to get snowflakes over here. Have a good week, take care & hugs.

    1. It was rather chilly and is more so today, it's the wind chill factor that makes it so. I received a Christmas card in the post today! All the way from Australia😁 thank you!

  3. Yes, it feels a little like spring here. That pic of the reservoir is epic!

    1. I don't think I've seen inland water that rough with so much spray before, it was impressive!

  4. If you hadn't said that was a reservoir I would have thought it was the sea as it looks so rough. I haven't really seen any signs of spring round here yet but I don't think it will be too long before I start to see lambs in the nearby fields.

  5. I agree, it was really rough and looked just like the sea. There was a foot path running alongside it which we choose not to go on as we would probably have got really wet from the spray

  6. Great photos. Love the old door and the metal archway. Years ago we drove over the bridge towards the end of Stocks Reservoir and there was spray coming over the bridge; impressive as you say. It's lovely to see the first of the lambs but it does feel early.xx

    1. Looking at my garden diary from work for last year and checking on what I am doing this year, I am between 4 and six weeks ahead.... yes ahead.
      Worries me that we will get a cold snap and everything that has germinated or budded will be hit - a lot of the garden is waking up by itself and it feels too early!

  7. I love seeing the snowdrops at this time of year. :)
    The reservoir does look like a very Stormy sea!

    1. Snowdrops to me are the 'beginning' they give me the hope/faith that spring is on its way!

  8. The new shoots of snowdrops are always wonderful aren't they. Your photos of your walk are lovely, thank you for sharing.

  9. Lovely pictures as usual. Love the snowdrops, ours are just out too in spite of the terrible weather blowing all around them.😃🦴🧡xx


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