Just about bordering on odd, I see things through different eyes.The heading says it all - I live, I love, I craft, I am me...


For now

 I'll be hibernating this blog for a while - will be back when it feels right and the stories start to flow again.

You can find me on instagram as kj.sutcliffe - I will probably dip in and out of there. See you on the other side xx


  1. Hibernate for as long as you need to! Take care and have plenty of 'me time' or should that be 'you time'??? x

  2. You will be missed, I love reading your blog.....but you must do what's right for you.

  3. Totally understandablex Arilx

  4. I'll look forward to your return. I don't follow instagram anymore
    Take care
    Alison in Wales x

  5. I'll miss your posts my friend. Look after yourself. Huge hugs from afar.

  6. Take care, love to you all x

  7. Autumn in a single photo. Waving madly...see you when the time is right. x

  8. Sorry to hear you're hibernating. I don't do instagram. When and if you come back, please sing out so I can get you back on my blog list.

  9. Hello Kate, you must be part brown bear like me ! What magical fungi in your picture. I hope you enjoy yuletide and I look forward to your posts when you re-emerge from your writing cave, suitably rested and ready for some honey ! ;) xXx


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