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Dare I say it?

*S.p.r.i.n.g* said in hushed tones  - a very gentle hint of spring was in the air yesterday.

Soft blue skies and wisp thin clouds drifting.

We needed an escape from our previous week - for all the same reasons as before - homework, housework, study and another high speed spin in the tumble drier that is life.

We walked, we talked. We sat by the river and ate in silence, giving us space to breathe and think. There was only the three of us and geriatric (formerly known as giddy) dog as Eldest had mooched off somewhere with the girlfriend. Youngest more than made up for the lack of his brother with his usual garrulous and rambling stories.

There was something simple yet exquisite about sitting in sunshine after weeks and weeks of driech wet weather.
We only met one serious hiker, a few dog walkers and a mound of shaggy-coated blue grey cattle in the winter-dry grass. As the afternoon sun lengthened an evening breeze struck up - with a hit of icy chill.

I had intended to knit on our stops, but our first was so comfortingly warm and delicious, perfect for just sitting in the sun and the other too chilly to stop for long, I ended up taking my wip purely for a walk!

Walking - for me -  is a form of meditation and watching the miles disappear beneath our feet helped me reflect on what I have around me, who I was with, where I was walking and it was refreshingly benign.

And you?
What made your soul sing?
What made you feel better?
Hope your weekend was as gently filled with spring sunshine as mine xxxx


  1. Gorgeous warm sunshine here today. I sat in the garden a crocheted. Roast is cooking, and all in all a pretty good weekend for us too. Lets hope the sun remembers to shine for a few days. x

  2. Thanks for such a quietly beautiful and uplifting post. Your photos are breathtaking and serve to remind me just how lucky we are to have been born into such a stunning part of the world. Have a lovely week and thanks so much again x

  3. It was such a wonderful weekend here, the sun shone both days. So glad you got outside and enjoyed it too!

  4. OH this sounds so wonderful, your pics are fantastic - and look at that gorgeous calf; what more could you ask for on a lovely springlike day! Joy x

  5. Wonderful photos! Yes, spring seems to be here. Remember this time last year when we had all that snow???

  6. Lovely to see the primroses. I think we'll have a few weeks to wait before they are out here.

  7. Oh, your photos were just what I needed tonight as we are in the midst of probably the worst blizzard of the winter...we are expected to get close to two feet.
    Your post was just lovely! Thank-you.


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