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Valley of streams

Our walk on Saturday was filled with streams and becks. For most of the day we were accompanied by the sounds of water babbling over rocks and through culverts. I was tickled by the way the sun twinkled off the moving water which was crystal clear.

At lunch when we sat and quietly contemplated our own thoughts to the sounds of bird song and the burbling water, I tried to capture the sounds and sights using Youngest's camera - hopefully I have downloaded it correctly.

High up on the moor tops the skylarks were staking out their aerial territories with song as curlew chattered on the valley sides. (follow the links to hear their calls).

As we came back to the car in the fading light, the flood meadows, still wet from the winter rains, reflected mirror like the evening sky.

Wonderful wonderful walk x


  1. It looks stunning. Isn't the birdsong at the moment glorious. So very welcome after the rain filled winter.

  2. Well done with the video. Sound of running water is beautiful as are the photographs. xx

  3. Beautiful!! The video was so good I found it too short! Just love the sound of a bubbling brook. Spring is filled with so many delights! A new start for everything :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

  4. Ah yes, a babbling brook, there's something very special about that - thanks so much Hawthorn it was sheer pleasure! Joy xo

  5. Love the video clip; the curlew call is one of my favourites and yesterday one flew over my garden, calling as it flew over; wonderful!

  6. I was listening to the skylarks here only yesterday ... their song has to be one of the things I find most uplifting. That and the burbling of a running brook. Lovely post :)


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