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Walking on Sunshine **

Yes it is me

There is a lot of talk around the bloggersphere about 'blogger's rut' or 'blogger's block'.

I don't think I fall into either category although I don't seem to have the impetus to write anything.  Not that I am lacking stories, interesting or otherwise - quite the contrary - so many wonderful/silly/stupid/funny/normal things have happened that my life is extremely full.

I am not complaining, just explaining.

So, I am going to try and return to my original format (all those years ago when I started my blog in a previous guise), until my life is a little less pressured with a little more me-time.

My original idea was to invite you to pop by for a tea or a coffee when I posted a photo or two with a brief comment around 11am in the morning.  Short and sweet.

Please let me know your feelings - I love hearing from you xx

And to get the ball rolling..........

After a rather slow and driech winter, we have had a few long awaited delicious spring sunshiny days.

The sort of warmth that makes you turn and face the sun, shut your eyes and breathe in the still cool air.
I love that clear blue spring sky after weeks of grey heavy low dull clouds, and it seems, 
I am not the only one................

I will also add a link every now and then to my 11am blog in case you are interested.

11am October 2012
In the absence of the public- substitute with sheep

**thanks Katrina and the Waves for my post's title Walking on Sunshine


  1. Yes, she looks as though she is enjoying the sunshine on her face. Glad you will be back, even if it is just brief comments to your lovely pictures. x

  2. Like you I am so 'something or other at the moment' so all I can suggest is you post when you can and do not burden yourself with guilt about the lack of posts. Thinking of you and still checking your blog regularly to see of there is a new post!!!

  3. I just love your posts in any guise Hawthorn, so whatever you feel comfy with is right with me - I so enjoy reading your news and all the wonderful (and can I say quirky) happenings in your life, but also realise that with a growing family and study as well as work, life can become very busy and easily overloaded.
    Eleven in your morning is still the same day with me, in fact that is six in our evening since your clocks changed, so at least we would be talking on the same day . . . . just go with the flow, whatever sits right with you . . . . . Do take good care of yourself my dear, Joy xo
    PS I'm loving your header and the sheep, thank you!

  4. your blog should be what you want not what I want. I just want you to be happy

  5. If you can't post, you can't!
    If you do post, you do!
    And if you can post and do post,
    I will always enjoying reading it and taking in your beautiful photos.
    Your sheep looks gorgeous in the sunshine.

  6. I love that expression on the sheep's face. Bliss. Just how I feel when finally the sun comes back and the sky turns blue. Do what works for you Hawthorn. That's what blogging is all about.



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