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small things

I have to have to HAVE TO say thank you for your lovely comments - I love reading them and I am chuffed to bits that the mini (some say micro-mini) film went down so well, I shall certainly do that again on our next walk and make it just a little longer xxxx

Often, whilst we are out walking, I stop to take a picture, look at the view, smell the flowers, stroke the wood or wall, feel textures or just to imbibe in the atmosphere. Himself and the boys walk on several paces and when one notices I have once again been left behind remind the others to wait. Himself has resigned himself to my dawdling - I prefer to call it creative awareness..... but the boys have grown up with me doing this aesthetic procrastination and accept it without question.

I love love love looking at life through a lens. I SEE so much MORE! I see depth that was only hinted at by eye. I find creatures and treasures often only after I have downloaded the images and sit down, after a days good walking, with a mug of tea and relive our day out, frame by frame.

Let me show you what I mean.

What do you see?
 Muddy wheel tracks?
or foraging bird tracks

Lichen covered post?
or home for a minute grub
 Seen it yet?
And now?
I couldn't until I checked my camera screen 
and then zoomed in for a closer look

A neatly crocheted chain gate fastener made out of baler twine - brilliant!
Mountain biker tagged road sign

Rusty chain and hinge supporting a free swinging gate, 
preventing livestock escaping over the riverbed
And a tiny yet so so very inviting tin sign.
Shall we follow?

What little things catch your eye?
What makes you dawdle?

I have so many photos of 'things'. Of nothing of importance, but oh so visually pleasing to me.

Thank you for indulging me my little 'habit' :)



  1. Maybe it's a difference between men and women? I'm there to enjoy the walk, and all elements along the way, the boys see it as a race from A to B. Oh well ......

  2. I agree with Saraj, we women see so much more. I agree, I love zooming in on my pictures when home and see things I had missed. xx

  3. we never seem to get out for a walk at the moment and I do miss it, high hopes for the weekend.

  4. Ah, you are so AWARE Hawthorn, it warms the heart, and I thank you for sharing these little treasures with us! Joy xo

  5. You see so many things that I probably would never notice, that is why your photos are always such a pleasure to view.

  6. Love the 'what can you see' photo! Keep them coming. I saw the bird tracks and not the wheel ones...

  7. Me too, me too ... my camera, especially when sporting it's macro lens, opens up whole new worlds to me. Like Threads Through My Life ... I saw the bird tracks first ... I guess it comes down to what you're most tuned in to, or have trained your eye to spot maybe? In my case I was always the dawdling child watching woodlice on pavements ... I've always been captivated by the smallest things :)

  8. I enjoy seeing things through your eyes...beautiful photos!


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