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After a few weeks of what felt like a foggy filled head and no idea what to do or buy or make for Himself I was suddenly inspired. I had been quietly knitting for the boys and when on the hunt for another ball of wool in my stash, I came across this.....

A number of Isle of Auskerry balls of squashy roughness that Himself so loves. I did the unthinkable - I actually sat down and knitted a couple of swatches. I.have.never.done.that.before..... Then came the search for the perfect pattern.
Not too complicated for me to make (due to shortage of time and lack of knitting prowess) and one patterned enough to satisfy Himself's love of the gansey and aran styles. I eventually found one called Beaver Ridge and feverishly cast on.
Initially I was able to knit in plain site - pretending I was knitting myself a hat which, bless him, he did not question. But as it grew it became obvious that this was no hat - so I had knit when he was not around. This proved a little difficult as I needed to paint during the day (fulfilling chrimbly commissions etc) and then trying to disguise what I was knitting in the evenings.
Eventually I gave in.... and admitted what I was doing, because I needed to measure, the now nearly finished back piece, against him.  He has a slender frame and I was worried that despite taking that into consideration, this gansey would be too wide.
Having confessed that the knitting was for him and not a hat for me, he replied that he'd hoped the knitting was for him and not a hat for me - so YaY the secret was out - happy all round!

Now, I suspect I may not finish, despite knitting like a daemon, I still have the front to do, pick up all four pieces (doing the second sleeve at the moment) and knit into the neck and sew up the sides. So, on Monday 25th, whatever stage his gansey is, it will be wrapped and under the tree for him to open. I will then retrieve it and carry on so it will be finished as soon as possible!

Wish me luck!


  1. Looks great, I'm sure now you have confessed he won't mind it not finished for the actual day.

    Find a large box, put inside said large box a nicely written or even painted an "I.O.U one jumper" and wrap box, and carry on knitting.........

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. I am far worse than you. The DP has nothing under the tree from me. I avoid shops, the internet let me down with everything I thought suitable the seller said I lived in the Highlands and wanted to charge me ridiculous amounts for posting. Ah just thought I can give him a painting!

  3. Lucky Himself. I do like your honesty, about not finishing it but still wrapping it up! I hope we get a photo of Himself modelling it when it is finished!

  4. Finished or not it looks wonderful and will be well worth the wait! I wish I’d taken measurements when I made a cardigan for my husband years ago. It came out three sizes too big at least!

  5. Oh this is a lovely jumper for Him! I am so glad you told him and he was happy about it!

  6. Looks good :) Good luck with the finishing, you may get more done than you think.


  7. Lots of luck & they are wiser than we think sometimes. Take care & huggles.

  8. What a lovely present! The yarn is gorgeous. You must be a quick knitter - it would take me forever to make a jumper. I'm sure he'll love it.
    Cathy x

  9. Coming on nicely. Well done.I like Julie's idea of a box and an iou. Xx

  10. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

  11. This is a lovely yarn and the color is great. Merry Christmas!

  12. I was at that stage for my other half last Christmas - and had to give in and show it to him at the measuring stage ... but all worked out. I love your pattern and that wool looks great. I"m currently dithering about what to cast on for the new year.


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