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Christmas Books - the alternative advent 4

The Icelandic folk have a beautiful tradition of giving a book on chrimbly eve and then spend that time quietly reading in front of the fire in companionable silence - that to me sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening.

This tradition is called jolabokaflod which literally means festive book flood. I only learnt of it earlier this year and wondered if it could be something I could introduce into our family, then as usual, promptly forgot about it.

Now, writing this post I have remembered it - so, I think, this year, I would really like to introduce this gentle art of giving.
(image from the jolabokaflod website)

And you?
Do you bring in new traditions,
or stick to the old ones?

So continues my alternative  Julie's Scrapbook Advent Calender 2018!

You can join in too - just pop over to her page HERE for the list and instructions 
as well as finding other bloggers taking part.


  1. I think that Icelandic tradition is lovely.

    Last year I did an Advent book book bag for my grandchildren. They took a book from the bag every day. When I told my son what I was doing he went mum....... you know they won't enjoy it. Anyway during the summer this year he said mum will you be doing the Advent books again I replied I wanted to, he said please they enjoyed it so much. Well at least I know my grandchildren enjoy books!

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. That's a lovely tradition & I'll admit to giving our children a book every Christmas & also Easter instead of too much chocolate.

  3. We tend to stick to tried and tested traditions, but I would love to participate in Jolabokaflod. I usually find myself trying to read while the TV is on, someone is using a laptop, someone else a mobile phone and so on. :)

  4. What a lovely tradition - that might be a nice thing to start.

  5. This sounds like a brilliant idea to me.

  6. What a wonderful tradition...I think that would be a nice thing for my family to do as we are all avid readers. x

  7. Sounds a good plan..............er how do you pronounce that word?!

    1. It is pronounced -ish... Yolla - bokka - flod :)

  8. I think I could very easily accommodate that sort of tradition along side some of our others. As a family we watch hardly any Xmas TV and usually it's on the i-player at times to suit us. It sounds a wonderful way to spend an evening

  9. That is a fantastic tradition! One I would heartily embrace!


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