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Robin - The alternative advent 6

Waaay back in September, 
inspired by my visitors to the bird table,
I started painting a robin...
or two....
or three!

Ever wonder why there are robins on cards? 
In times past the postmen wore red tunics and were called 'Robins'. 
So during the festive season, 
more 'Robins' than normal, were seen delivering gifts and cards.  

The bird itself was originally called 'Redbreast'- in the days before the word orange existed
(are you with me so far?) 
Then, it became a habit that birds were given a 'full name' 
so the Redbreast became Robin Redbreast, 
the wren became Jenny Wren 
and the daw was called the Jackdaw.

Interesting isn't it? 
How language evolves, words get lost or morph into new ones. 
I find it fascinating!

So - there, another alternative to Julie's Scrapbook Advent Calender 2018!

You can join in too - just pop over to her page HERE for the list and instructions as well as see the other bloggers who are taking part.


  1. Beautiful pictures.
    I find the way words are formed very interesting too, I did know that about those three birds too.

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh Kate, they are beautiful & love your explanation of how they got their name. I'll admit that our native Robin does have a much redder breast & I've always thought yours were more orange. Take care.

  3. Gorgeous paintings, and that must be why we also have a Penny Wagtail - at least in Suffolk when I was growing up!

  4. I just saw that beautiful card on Jak's Tales and then came over to visit you - you must be the very clever daughter?
    I had no idea the jackdaw started out by being called just daw, how interesting.

  5. Somehow, Christmas would not be Christmas without robbins; then again I like to see them every day and not just for Christmas!

  6. Words are indeed very inetesrting. Our Pan is quite different to yours, he sepcialises in losing collars, if one lasts longer than a month we think we're doing well! If it had a bell on it probably wouldn't last the day. Curiously they're not that interested in birds but catch mice instead.

  7. Fascinating folklore! The robin supposedly got his redbreast when he plucked a thorn from Christ's chest and a drop of his blood fell upon him. Another is that he got burnt when he flew too near to the fire when he was trying to warm Jesus.

  8. Oooh, I LOVED learning about the Robin postmen and the Redbreast!


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