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Bells - the alternative advent calendar 7

Pepper and Pan, our cats, are two very different creatures.

One - Pan, is a princess with a wonderfully haughty outlook on life and believes her hoomins are only there to serve her, feed her and open the door when she requires. We can only really show any affection when she needs it and only for as long as she can tolerate it. We, her hoomins, slavishly allow her to dictate.
She will wear but intensely dislikes - a collar and bell.

Pepper, is an effusive, bubbly, maddeningly over friendly little furry humbug that, give or take a few things, is virtually bombproof. We often call her 'Blunderpuss' for good reason :)
 She quite happily wears a collar...... and multiple bells.

Both girls have to wear their respective collars and bells when in the garden. 
To notify the birds, 
to notify us 
and to notify the neighbours where they are.

Pan - despite being a huge fluffy coated part Turkish Van cat with a predominantly gleaming ice white coat can completely vanish in the garden. Somehow she becomes invisible and transparent as she slides through the vegetation, disappearing from both ours and bird's eyesight - hence the bell.
Pepper - who is not road savvy, knows no personal or garden boundaries and sees fences and walls as an invite to leap up and over - wears a harness and six bells. Two below her chin and four from her chest so we can hear her every tinkle and jingle around the garden.  The number of times we have had to pull her off the fence between us and a neighbour just as she was about to go and say 'hello' to his aviaries full of exotic birds!!!

 So, jingle bells is for all year round and not just for chrimbly time here in our house!! 

So - there, an alternative bell story to Julie's Scrapbook Advent Calender 2018

You can join in too - just pop over to her page HERE for the list and instructions as well as see the other bloggers who are taking part.


  1. Your cats are lovely

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Lovely story! Pepper must have been an intrepid explorer in a previous life!

  3. I'm in love! Both your cats are adorable. x

  4. Lovely cats. I tried Mog with a collar and a bell, she did not like it, and unfortunately it didn't make any difference with regards to the gifts brought home. X

  5. Love the cats. Down to one here now. He also wears a bell.

  6. I love your alternative story & miss my two girls when I see yours. Take care.

  7. Lovely descriptions of Princess Pan and Naughty Pepper. Very apt. Love them both. xx

  8. Humphrey sounds like Pepper in temperament. He's ridiculously affectionate and a great big wuss. No collar or bell on him though as he managed to tear his off within 12 hours. He is unfortunately a good mouser when he can be bothered to stir his stumps.

  9. It is amazing how different cats are in so many ways! I had to laugh about the blundering cat and his multiple bells!


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