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Snowman - the alternative advent 11

Trawling through my images looking for something for snowmen, 
I came across a few pictures I'd forgotten about.

Like this snow mama my sweet wildaboutwords 
and I built one lunchtime at work a few years ago.
She was strong and she was taking no rubbish!
Then there was this cheerful chappy,
built by Youngest, several years ago, using every last drop of snow
in our garden.
He gave the snowbloke a fezz
and salubrious smile

Trawling further back,
I came across this fellow,
from times when my two were knee high to a grasshopper
and we spent a happy school day at home 
thanks to the school being closed due the snow.

Joining in with Julie's Advent 2017


  1. The snowmen are great especially the one with the fez, that's the best, but the Snow-Mama she is wonderful!

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Wonderful snowmen captured in photos for lasting memories. Take care.

  3. I love them all but the one with the fez made me laugh. Lovely memories, thank you for sharing them.

  4. They stir up such lovely memories don't they!

  5. Its a long time since I have built a snowman. Your pictures are lovely. X

  6. Ages and ages since I have seen a snowman and less still a snow-mama!! Fantastic pics.....stirs my memories of when I was a child :-)

    keep well


  7. Love Snow Mamma and boys's snowmen. The snow angel at the top is lovely too.


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