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Christmas Bauble - the alternative Advent Calendar 9

 Bauble babble - Random facts (or fiction?)

Vintage glass bauble - German origin from approx 1930s
  1. Originally based on fruit and nuts - the precursors to the glass variety - baubles were invented in Germany in the town of Lauscha.  The earliest recorded glass shapes blown and filled with lead or tin and painted with thin layers of wax, were from 1847.
  2. It was thought that a poor glass blower who lacked the usual decorations of fruit and nuts, blew little glass orbs as replacements to hang on his tree. 
  3. The town of Tlalpujahua in Mexico makes 38 million glass baubles a year of which approximately 26 million are exported. It is the 5th largest festive bauble maker in the world.
  4. In 1848 an engraving of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and various children standing in front of a heavily decorated tree was circulated in both the UK and America. In 1850 the drawing was reproduced and Victoria is shown without a crown in order to appear more 'normal' and less regal so not to alienate the colonial viewer.
  5. In the mid 1500s Germans brought branches of evergreen during winter to encourage the spring to return. The decorations of fruits and nuts and in some cases blown eggs shells, were hung as a symbol of hope and rejuvenation. 
  6. It was also believed that by bringing in the branches or trees, not always a fir, would help keep wood spirits warm while the fruit and nuts would keep them sustained.
  7.  Although not baubles, metal and glass bells were hung in the tree to alert the home owner to the possibility of sprites hiding in the tree. As they quietly slipped through the branches, it was hoped their movement with make the bells tinkle.
And if you have not decorated your own tree yet and fancy a little mindless distraction pop over HERE or HERE or HERE and add a few baubles to the trees ;)

Part of Julie's Advent Calendar 2017


  1. More learning, and loved the games

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Hope my tree keeps the spirits happy. It certainly keeps my spirits very happy.

  3. I've never given any thought to the origins of the bauble. Thank you!

  4. Lots of information, most of which I didn't know, so thanks heaps.

  5. Brilliant - I"m really enjoying your blogs for this Advent series - great information. I love the idea of the sprites in the tree - must put up some nuts and fruit for them tis year... one of the girls at the wreath making afternoon did clove studded oranges for us all ... great smell.

  6. Oooh, what interesting information! 38million EVERY. YEAR??????? That's astonishing!


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