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Holly and Ivy - the alternative Advent 10

Yesterday we had our annual 'wreathy making thing' where we meet and chat and eat and make. It was lovely (as usual) and we had a goodly selection of youngsters with us this year. So often with these sort of events, the participants are friends and happily mature and age all together. This particular annual fun day now has the next generation joining in and creating lovely festive wreaths and decorations with us too. Now, that can't be bad.

So, what happened? Well, there was eight of us and between us we made one star, one heart, two bunches and 13 wreaths. We make not only for our front doors but for friends and family.  And as well as our creative prowess,  we managed to heroically munch our way through a most delectable Jacobs join, mincepies and cake, tea and coffee.

So, how does this fit in with today's words from Julie?  Well, apart from all the leylandii, yew, sitka spruce, laurel, acuba japonica we always have HOLLY and IVY and this year, Eldest and I used the variegated green and gold from our garden.

Want to see some of our efforts?
Clockwise from top left - wildaboutwords - front door,
AG - front door,
Eldest -  small wreath for uni-digs, SG - heart wreath for memorial bench.
Clockwise from top left - SG - for front door, Jak - star (to go in window and light up at night),
Eldest - large wreath for different uni-digs,
Jak - large wreath for front door.
Large image - My frosty front door tangle wreath 
(the image does not show how HUGE this thing grew!),
top right Me - Moss' doggy day care lady's front door,
bottom right - AG - friends front door.

Having just added these photos, I realise I have not taken photos of everyone's beautiful creations - I try to record our efforts and must have hundreds of images from over the years. Never mind, these give you a flavour. And yes, some of those wreaths sitting on a snowy ground.

Any hoo - a few more pix of said huge white tangle wreath...

Joining in with Julie's Advent 2017,
see you tomorrow x


  1. Wow! They are great, and every one completely different. I wish I live near you so I could join in!

    Julie xxxxx

  2. Great selection of beautiful wreaths made by a bunch of crafty people. So you've had snow by the look of it & we're hotting up again after a week of cool weather. Take care.

  3. I did wonder how the wreath day went and now I know! Clever to be able to tie it in with Julie..

  4. Love the wreaths. Only a few years back when my lungs had more of a percentage I organised wreath making at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses. Great fun. We also made Orange pomanders. I have now given away all my ribbons, wreaths, and spices.

  5. I don't care how many pictures you put up. I always enjoy seeing how varied people's work is.

  6. Beautiful creations. I especially love the heart and your frosty tangle

  7. These wreaths are gorgeous.

  8. Oh aren't they beautiful!!! This is such a lovely thing to do each year!

  9. You didn't happen to be in the village of Barley did you? I was at a willow angel making thingy there and there was a wreath making afternoon there later on I think. X

  10. No, we were here in Trawden where I host the event. It is a lovely annual event that really kick starts the festive feel for me😊

  11. Ahah must have been on the same day. X

  12. It was a fun day. Lots of talking, eating and delicious soup and oh yes, some wreath making too.


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