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Sleigh - the alternative Advent Calendar 8

On my quest to continue an alternative view to the words supplied by Julie, sleigh stopped me in my tracks.... then with a bit of thought and northern nouse* I think I've have come up with an excellent alternative.

Sleigh -  a Dutch word with an alternative spelling of sley - an old English spelling (from before 1050s) is also associated weaving fabric.  Sleighing (sleying) the reed was to draw the warp ends through the heddle eyes of the harness...are you still with me?


No, me neither - I had to look it up !

yardage – Page 9 – Warped for Good
(source  http://www.warpedforgood.com/category/yardage/page/9/)

And in simplified terms, it is the action of pulling the yarn through the reed (the comb) with the sley (hook) which, if you look,  is the same shape as the runners on a sleigh!

So now you know!

Joining in with Julie and her Advent Calendar 2018


  1. Clever you!! Mine are definitely run of the mill at the moment. Thanks & take care.

  2. I have learnt something new, thank you I didn't know that

    Julie xxxxx

  3. I've sleyed my warp and woven some scarves. isn't it funny how you and Adelaide Walker have both chosen weaving for the 8th day of advent

  4. Brilliant....I'm still scratching my head over this one, so haven't put it up yet!

  5. very clever ... and interesting ...

  6. Oooh, I like your alternative thinking!


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