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Wrapping paper - the alternative advent 17

When you are kitten,
the gift is more fun once unwrapped
and cast aside,
then you can get down to serious play -
with the paper!
Those eyes are looking for trouble!
The crinkle of the paper is purr-fectly irresistible !
You can't see me-ow...


  1. awwww.......that's lovely. Looks like kitty had fun on Christmas day too

    Julie xxxxx

  2. I've never had a cat from when it was a kitten, so not had the pleasure of watching them play like that...in the odd mad moment mine have been known to send baubles flying though!

  3. I've really enjoyed catching up with your alternative advent.

  4. Ohh so adorable!!We just got a new kitten also. It is 6 months old.

  5. Lovely! Mickey that camped with us many years ago loved newspapers and cardboard boxes! Cats are so entertaining!

  6. so cute ... the eyes are class :)

  7. Yes, cats love paper, boxes & of course Christmas trees. Love the photos.

  8. Cats always prefer the wrapping ....whatever age they are. Xx


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