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Thank you Mum and Dad

As a result of an over active imagination and a rather vivid nightmare, I am sitting quietly downstairs with a mug of tea, two sleeping cats and one cold foot. After mindlessly scrolling through the internet until my brain felt distracted from the dream I found I'd actually woken myself up fully and despite it being 3.25am - I thought - I should blog now and why not !

Chrimbly has been and gone and it proved to be a gently food filled, fire warmed and a family orientated one. I made a conscious decision to scale back on decorations, choosing only to have the tree and door wreath this year. I'm glad I did. It was enough.
Gifts, which were thoughtfully chosen, hand made, wisely purchased or (in the case of Himself's gansey), wrapped in an incomplete state nestled beneath Treebeard. This delighted the cats as they carefully stepped over the crinkling wrapping paper while they investigated.  It made a change from their slightly over enthusiastic bauble bashing or tinsel chewing which had occurred over the last few days. 
We, as per family tradition, ate our main festive meal with my folks on Chrimbly eve. They pulled out all the stops. The table was beautifully decorated - well done Dad! and the meal was gorgeous - well done Mum (although I do suspect you were trying to feed the five thousand!)
With our bellies under severe pressure from all the feasting, we all waddled to the lounge to collapse and recover while we played a few games, laughed at silly jokes and chatted. It was a lovely evening.
Chrimbly day dawned beautifully sunny and bright - such a wonderful change from the recent dour and wet stuff we'd been subjected to. My folks were joining us for 'late breakfast' - which was more 'mincepies and coffee' than porridge or toast! But if you can't eat mincepies whilst opening pressies - when can you?
Lunch was, what we affectionately call 'iffits' .... If  it is left over - we'll eat it. So, last night's chrimbly dinner, now as sliced cold meats and ham, plus freshly made Butternut, lentil & red pepper soup and Basil pesto & cheese lunch loaves very quickly filled us up....  A lazy settee afternoon was the perfect finale - with my Dad (and the cats) bravely fighting off the need for a nap!
Later, when it was just us, the used wrapping paper and ribbons sorted out and tidied away, Himself and I sat with a mug of tea, the cats and a sleeping dog. Our boys quietly vanished upstairs - leaving us to chat.  It was a gentle couple of days -  a bit too much to eat admittedly and a fridge full of left overs - thank you everyone - it has been wonderful.


  1. You sound like you had the perfect Christmas. Ours was quiet too, which I will write on my blog over the weekend, as we are having another Christmas day today with the grandchildren. Your dream must have been horrendous for you to awaken like that, what was it about?

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Your Christmas, though not the same as ours, was along simple lines, which I think is what happens as the children grow up & fly the nest. Also as ours are so far away, it makes it more difficult still. I only did the tree, wreath & table centre decoration, which will all be put away before the 31st. Happy New Year to you & family & your Mum & Dad. I'll be in touch once our visitors have left for home. Take care & huggles from down under.

  3. Sounds perfect. Ours was a lovely quiet, lowkey affair too with dancing on Boxing Day.

  4. The picture of Pepper says it all! Your door wreath is lovely.

  5. Sounds like you had a good time...nice and relaxing.
    Love the cat...relaxed but ready!

  6. What Blessings indeed, that does sound like as close to perfect as Christmas could be.

    Sorry you were visited by the Insomnia Elves - tricksy little sods have spent far too long here recently so I do sympathise. Hugs. Xx

  7. It was a lovely Christmas and quite by chance we had far less decorations out this year too. It does mean less to put away. Looking at the picture of mince pies, stollen and cake makes me realise I never tried the cake. Looked good too :{

    PS Note to self....less people round table need less food!! Though did mean more ifits!

  8. The perfect family Christmas, just as it should be.
    Wishing you a very productive 2018 in your new garden studio.
    Best wishes x

  9. Sounds as if your Christmas was a special one , hope your New Year is a special and happy one too. Thanks for your photo lists, they keep the little grey brain cells working.
    Hugs from Dorset.x

  10. Beautiful photos! May 2018 be a great year for you and your family! Hugs!

  11. Looks like 2018 will be similar to last year as I've just noticed the photo list! Big sigh. Only 6 so I think I can manage that....

  12. Ah ha, the photo list! I was wondering last night if I could manage it this year and with only six pictures required I might just have a chance :) I already know what a couple of them could be.


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