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Cat-flab over-flow....

Sad but true......

Our cats are - how can I put this deli'cat'ly ...... getting a little rotund.

We get cat-fluff ooozing over.
Slow, avlanche-like fat fur pours off the edge of the favoured suntrap
The fluffy 'sporran'  that cats have - you know what I mean,
 the slightly longer fur on their tums - is called a 'fat-pad'
My cats have that.... 
Still, it makes them sooo cuddly and I do love my teddy-cats

September 2009 - Sitting in the sun


  1. Oh dear, I see cat food rationing coming up!! xx

  2. Love these photos; best one is of Pepper on the plank with the shot taken upwards (hope this makes sense)! I am struggling to see the fat bits but will take your word that they are slightly rotund; they must be happy!

  3. What jolly bellies, so soft and perfect for a good squishy cuddle :D


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