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The magic of spring

As I write this, my mug of tea quietly steaming next to me, the skies are leaden and sulking - in stark contrast to last week when we were drenched in warm spring sunshine. 
I am already missing my days of endless blue sea and skyscapes and wild flower filled rambling lanes.

Tiny violets mirror the colour where the sea and the sky merged into one - only visible when I squinted and now when I shut my eyes and dream.
 Sweetly scented, the nodding heads of primroses quietly carpeted the sunny banks along wooded lanes.

Eldest found a bumblebee busily foraging and knelt down patiently photographing as the bee buried it's face deep into the violet's pollen drenched stamens
A magical moment, watching the bumblebee, feeling the sun on my shoulders and hearing the sea scrunching on the rocky shore. If I concentrate hard, I can see, feel, hear it all again. 

Wild strawberry blossoms were just beginning to show their faces
We were able to just discern the early scent of the first bluebells as they began to open
It's not only the scent and the sight of wild flowers that I am missing, it is the scrunch of shells beneath my feet and the feeling of scratchy sand between my toes 

Along the coastline, secretly growing orchids, their regal purple flowers and freckled foliage tucked in the coconut scented spiny gorse. Perfect protection.

Blackthorn blossom and gorse flowers 

There is magic in spring time - a palpable feeling of promise and anticipation. 
Such a positive pleasure after a dreary winter.
I know the turning of the seasons is natural however, 
some parts of that seasonal wheel I love more....


  1. lovely, I must get myself back up there. Just had two days in Keswick and the weather was great, so enjoyed being out

  2. Beautiful. I've just got back from walking to school. There are bluebells everywhere. Stunning. Shame about the 2 inches of standing water in places. Still, can't have everything!

  3. I think the wild primroses have really flourished this year, they certainly seemed to benefit from all the rain we had in the winter. I love all your photos but I think your son definitely deserves a pat on the back for getting his nose so close to that bee!

  4. Stunning photographs!!! Love the bee, always love bees! Long live your delightful blog.

  5. Beautiful spring flowers. Love Eldest's bee. I must confess that I have pinched the picture of the gorse for my desktop, so I am enjoying your spring time Galloway walk every time I look at my computer.

  6. Oh WOW Hawthorn!!! This is a magical post! You have such a wonderful gift of expression and your photography is powerful - and your eldest's also, with the bee! You've taken me back, right back to my homeland and touched my heart so gently but impressively with this beauty! thank you! Love to you and yours,
    Joy xo

  7. whooaw, gorgeous photos, my fave is the blackthorn and gorse. Blackthorn flowers are so delicate.


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