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Big sky

Last Sunday was crammed with homework and study, brains and tempers were frayed, our moods foul.

We dragged the boys out of the house and up on to the hills behind the house for a quick walk. 

The breeze was cutting with the most refreshing feel to it.

Our hair flapped and flipped around our faces and the clouds flew across the sky.

We returned, feeling so so much better.

October 2009 Even rust has a beauty

Thank you for your lovely lovely comments - this will be a format I shall stick with .... for a little while any way.

Some rather interesting things are happening at work, I shall reveal something juicy soon xx


  1. Oooh, interesting things at work. I hope they are good (for you) interesting things. Can't wait for the reveal!

  2. It's fun clicking back to 11 am, good idea. Could do with some more blue sky like in your photograph. We are fed up with the continuous grey mist and murk. x


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