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textures and reflections


I am endlessly fascinated and inspired by the shapes driven by the movement of the tides. Reflections of sky and wave washed wood - achingly beautiful, almost haunting.  We walked across the hard ridged sands occasionally sinking to the ankles into small secret gullies of soft silt. The evening sun gave the whole bay a strange magical feel to it and the water was icy icy cold.  We were lingering..... we didn't want our day to end.

Think we need to go back. Soon.


  1. Oh I do enjoy seeing life through your eyes. Amazing photos. The photo of the dog (Gidddy dog?) is superb. I am so liking your new posting strategy! Thanks for sharing your photos etc with us all. I also like the recent changes to your blog!

  2. Ah, magical indeed Hawthorn, really delightful - I share your enthusiasm for such beauty! Your pics are tops and I love your 'furry friend lone ranger' treading it out there! I wouldn't want the day to end either! Thanks so much for sharing, happy Easter, love, Joy xo

  3. I'm loving all the great 'out and about' pics you've posted recently ... you have me itching to head off and climb a hill, or better still, visit the coast!

  4. The coastline and the waterways are ever changing. Your description is perfect, achingly beautiful. almost haunting!

  5. I love beautiful reflections and the patterns made by the tide on the beach sand. They are magical. But I do wonder what is going through Giddy Dog's head as she sets off with a purpose. XX


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