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We sit, a table between us. A table as wide as a chasm, littered with paper and pens, laptops and resentment. I, his mother am both torturer and inquisitor and he, my son is both victim and student.

We are fighting word for word a compulsory foreign language. We are despite the animosity and dread working towards the same thing - I am trying hard to be a proper Asian Tiger Mom which goes so against the grain and he has built a huge wall around himself.

Oh don't get me wrong, we are still a united front, as soon as I shut the book and he puts down the pen, we revert - instantly and I mean INSTANTLY back to our normal harmonious selves. Me a bossy mom and he a flippant teenager.

But, at this very moment I can feel his displeasure as I ask him again in my faltering lingo a set question. His reply is equally hesitant and uncomfortable. I hate what I am putting him through - putting us both through.

Roll on Thursday evening when we will both be free of this despised subject and he can study more contentedly his other assignments which he loves and I can return to my books - both our deadlines draw near and I know I am not ready.


  1. Matt is eternally grateful that his school does not insist on a language being taken at GCSE. Good luck x

  2. Spanish it painful, oh so very painful

  3. I'm with you Eldest - not much longer and you can forget all about it. xx

  4. Oh dear, I feel for you both - it can be so hard being a good Mum and I'm sure he appreciates all the help and encouragement you give! And I wish you both the very best with assignments and exams when the time comes around - you will be ready Hawthorn, you've studied so long and hard, you'll be fine, believe in yourself!
    Hugs, Joy xo

  5. I live in a country which has 3, yes 3, official languages and regularly see people confidently switch between all manner of languages in a country which is truly European (the daughter of friends of ours speaks 4 languages and she's six). It's a shame there's no love there but I sympathise - I too struggle to learn just one other language.

  6. Oh boy, do I know these feelings!

  7. I remember this trauma well. Me for trying to translate Virgil's Aeneid and finding the only section I could remember was not in my Latin paper. Then in more recent years trying to encourage my son to at least revise something.
    Revision and exams are so stressful but worth it in the end. Good luck to you both!

  8. Oh no the dreaded revision and exam time, I still remember my experiences of it all like it was yesterday, but that was over thirty years ago! Good luck to you both, hoping you get some crocheting/knitting time in soon ;-)


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