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Quiet on set please......Camera - Action!

We, as a veterinary surgery seem to have more than our fair share of film crews and camera men littering our work space. No sooner that one lot leave, having trailed around after a cow-poo splattered vet student for three days, when we get notification of the next lot coming.
Only this lot are slightly more glamorous and sparkly - Dr Chris Brown and his impeccably coiffured hair
and perfect smile from the Australian Bondi Vet series. 


As you can understand there is a heady mix of an air of anticipation (single staff) and disbelief (older/married/cynical/me/ other staff) at the glossy shiny star quality of this Australian TV vet.

Dr Chris Brown cute animals kid goat Bondi Vet dog

We shall see!


  1. Could be interesting! Have fun x

  2. He is such a hunk isn't he - enjoy the experience and behave yourself Hawthorn! xo Joy

  3. how can any real vet be that clean and shiny? someone else must do the real work but as least he'll make the place look nice

  4. You do seem to be spending more of your time rubbing shoulder with 'the famous' ones; first there was John Craven and now this guy.... who have you next lined up in your sights?

  5. Which toothpaste is he advertising or is it men's grooming products?


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