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Brew any one?

Last year Himself gave me a brilliant gift - something I'd wanted for a little while. He bought me a 'Kelly kettle' (Huh? I hear you say) A 'Kelly kettle?'

Soon after I had unwrapped my pressie, the weather turned nasty and winter followed soon after. My kettle languished in it's box quietly until this year when we unearthed it and gave it a very successful try out.

The delight of having a piping hot tea next to a small crackly fire on the beach or half way up a hillside must rate as one my all time walking pleasures **.
Somehow tea made and drunk in the open air after a walk tastes so VeRy MuCH BettER ! - what do you think?

Well, our week off together has gently ended. We have had some wonderful sea-air filled days and some lovely walks. I  happily got some knitting done (not to mention that I even managed to squeeze in some study time!)

How was your week?
Managed to get some crafting/study/tea making done?
Did you breathe in some gloriously salty sea air?

I  do so love to hear what you get up to :)


**Promise that we are very fire conscious


  1. That looks fine. I'm sitting at my computer watching the rain lash down, Hoping it will improve soon, but until then, there is nothing for it, I'll have to crochet! X

  2. Top marks to Himself! A perfect pressie for you! I can see you using it a lot.

  3. What a great gift, I can almost taste that tea - it has a wonderful flavour when prepared and drunk out of doors in the arms of mother nature, doesn't it! I'm so glad your family week off has been so beneficial - it kinda gives you a fresh impetus to get going again - well, eventually! I didn't breathe in any sea air this week but have been thankful to see rain becoming a slightly more regular feature around here at last, and crafting has kept me busy - thank you for asking, lovely! Happy week to you, Joy xo

  4. really smart!
    We've just got a billycan, made from a bean tin an a spoke !!


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