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How catty!

You know the scenario.....

2 cats, a box,
black marker pen,  little crafting scissors
- bit of time on your hands...............


Pan looks a little 'school marm-ish'


  1. Not so much voila, more like - "vogue!"
    Two very well designed fashionable cats.

  2. Love the 70's hair styles. Suits them!!!

  3. What a hoot! Yes, I agree Pan looks very school marm-ish. I feel a detention coming on.

  4. some would say too much time on your hands :-)

  5. LOL!! One of my favorite childhood pastimes was putting the cat in "jail." (Under an upside down laundry basket with giant weave). And then watching and waiting to see what he would do. Sometimes he escaped in a huff, other times he just hunkered down for a nap.


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