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And breathe....

After a few weeks of  excessive amounts of study and project reporting, generous quantities of work and virtually non existent blogging, I now have a few precious days off with my family. I hope to knit a bit, walk a bit, blog a bit more, breathe a lot and just catch up - I am so so very tired.


I desperately craved a walk - so Himself bundled us all in his car and loaded with waterproofs and flasks we headed off to the Dales.
 And the rain fell...
 So we drank tea and coffee, and with the accompanying sound of rain on the car roof, 
we ate our picnic lunch in companionable silence.
  Eventually the rain lifted and the view appeared.
 Rain soaked daffodils
 Youngest and myself found this delightful bicycle
 Usually a bustling little Dales town, Kettlewell had been subdued by the weather
We followed a valley bottom pathway, the rain quietly covering us with a fine layer of moisture
All along our walk, little signs, little flashes of colour in the rainstreaked countryside

Then, the further up the valley we walked, the lighter the sky came.
The clouds began to break showing the most gorgeous patches of blue.

And, although I was hobbling by the time we'd returned to the car,
 I felt a whole lot better than I had earlier in the day.

We are off on a 'super-jolly' soon, so I am definitely taking my camera (my knee brace!) and my waterproofs! 

Are you on holiday?
Is it half term where you are?
Do you have kids that are suddenly taller than you? - Suddenly I do!

Go on, share, tell me what you are up to - anything exciting? Any crafting? 
I feel to have been 'out of the loop' so long with my head in my books now I need to catch up :)


  1. How wonderful for you now to find a little space where you can relax and enjoy the activities you've been missing Hawthorn, I'm sure you'll make the most of your break! The countryside is, as always, looking beautiful, and somehow the light rain just adds to that beauty - for me anyway, but I wasn't getting wet while I enjoyed your walk, haha! Kettlewell is such a quaint little place and hubby and I have very fond memories of it, thank you!
    Kids growing? My GRANDkids are now shooting way up past me now - mind, I'm only 5'1' so that doesn't necessarily make them tall! Crafting? I'm hooking mug cosies again - this time for a market stall my daughter is having Easter Saturday.
    Have wonderful times with your family, Hawthorn, love, Joy xo

  2. So glad you are getting some time off. Too much work makes everyone TIRED! Have a great time and take loads of pics. I loved the daffodil; it's one of my favorites.


  3. My apologies as I'm about to sound like my mother, but the weather's been lovely here. Very grating I know but my dear mum says that every time I'm away on holiday or out for the day.
    Still you are in such a beautiful part of our country that whatever the weather it always looks stunning,

  4. Sorry, I seemed to have missed this blog. Not sure why. Looks like you blew some cobwebs away and had a good day. x

  5. Like Jak I seemed to have missed this post too! Glad you got to see a bit of blue sky in the end as the start looked so damp...


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