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Walking mosaics

Spring has certainly sprung.
Ewes and lambs are everywhere.
Walking in villages or on farmland - there is always 'someone' watching you.
Blackthorn blossom, tiny brown toadstools on a rotten tree stump,  rough 'trellis' bark patterning of  an Ash tree,minute blue violets barely discernible, daffodils and the flowers and new leaves of a Larch tree. 
Footpaths, tracks, farm lanes and village roads.

 Little snippets from a couple of our most recent walks.  I can still smell the cool air and the sweet scent from the daffodils.


  1. Lovely to see all the signs of spring everywhere you look. x

  2. What a wonderful nature treat that was, Hawthorn, many many thanks, and you've done such a lovely job with your 'mosaics', they're beautifully put together! I do so miss the British countryside . . . . .
    Have a wonderful week, Joy xo

  3. This year it's not just the lambs that have a spring in their step, I think everyone is just so glad that we're finally getting some bright weather, it's bringing the cheerfulness out in us all.

  4. Enjoying all your photos of spring.

  5. Ooooh love the middle image on the last set. Gorgeous lambs too. Very warm weather with us just now, such a change from the coolness. Luvin' it!

  6. It seems to me that there are more lambs this year in all the fields we drive past than in previous years. Perhaps it is because we are doing a lot more driving of late, and bring higher up we can see over loads of fences and walls. So wonderful to see the little lambs dashing all over the place, as well as forming gangs! Great photos.


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