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* C3R, C3L, k8 repeat *

Thank you for your lovely comments and thoughts on my last couple of posts - they are much appreciated and certainly made me feel a whole lot better :) 

Our much anticipated walk has been thwarted by the weather so now we are home. The radio on and lunch eaten, I have picked up my knitting. 

I made a conscious decision to ignore my books this weekend - my brain feels thick as cold porridge. Listening to the click of the needles and counting the stitches seems soothing and comforting

This is my second  'Sea to Sky' hat, the last one I a made I gifted to a friend but was determined to make another for myself. The colours in the first two pictures are closer to my actual knitting, but in dull light with rain thundering down on the roof, the option of natural light vs flash light - neither are accurate.

Just checked - yes it is still raining..... The boys (all three) have resorted to a dated cowboy movie on the television,drinking tea and munching on buns.  
Hope your weekend has been good and you managed to get come crafting done :) 

I am I the only working tomorrow on Bank Holiday Monday? It certainly feels so!!!


  1. I thought you worked last bank holiday too? I almost hope it rains so you don't feel you are missing out. x

  2. Ah the lovely C3R, C3L, k8 repeat, how I remember something like this when I last did a cable stitch. Hat is looking good. Regret to day it is now just turned noon and it has been lovely sunshine since early morning....

  3. You and your fav sister-in-law were both working and it has been a fairly decent day. Bad Luck. Thanks for sorting out Jak the cat's problems. CATerpillar eggs!!! xx

  4. Loving the colour of your hat, and soo envious, I can't knit , or only very badly, well slowly ;)


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