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Oh I do like to be by the seaside

Popped out at lunch time to do a few chores, rushing back so I could have my lunch before I started work again when.....dashing by the charity shop - saw a little cross stitch picture and just-had-to-buy-it! and for the grand total of £2 - I did.
 Now need to sort out a nicer frame - 

H*aP*p*Y! H*aP*p*Y!


  1. So pretty. Difficult to believe someone would want to get rid of it after all the hard work that goes in to making it.

  2. It is gorgeous. Will go with your other seaside things beautifully. Lucky find, lucky you. xx

  3. Gosh I would have bought that at that silly price. It looks lovely. Not very sunny seaside weather today but at least your picture is bright and happy.


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