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Saturday somber

Not sure why.


Think it is because I am weary from a pernicious cold I have accommodated for the last two weeks. It is still lingering around, time to evict it methinks. Hey ho.
Last night I watched Chelsea Flower Show and the actor Emeila Fox said that 'no matter where she was, she would have a vase of fresh flowers on her table - to remind her of home'.  I thought about that.......last year, as soon as the garden started to produce flowers, I was picking them.  Today I picked my first bunch for the house, for me.

And it made me feel a  whole lot better.

Now it needs to stop raining.


  1. That sounds more cheerful. Hope you are feeling better soon. I think it is not only the cold but all the studying you are doing, it is taking it out of you. Enjoy the cheerful flowers. xx

  2. Love your cheery bunch of flowers. Yes, I agree to stopping the rain. Been outside in the polytunnel today and managed to do a couple of hours while it poured down. So cold too; heating back on and I am thinking of getting my thermals out!

  3. I wish it would stop raining too! I've been cutting flowers from my garden and it is lovely to know that you grew them yourself! I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Oh my days! Does it need to stop raining. My garden getting squashed by rain! You photos are pretty btw!

  5. I know just how you feel, had a cold for about 3 weeks and currently can't smell anything so feel flowers would be a waste just now but perhaps I'd just enjoy the colours. get well soon x

  6. These summertime colds that won't shift are so horrible. Feel better and enjoy your flowers. I'm trying to have wild flowers in the house all summer this year, but I've already failed ... one bunch went in the bin this morning and it's too wet to get out and pick another.

  7. What beautiful flowers and photographs! I've just recovered from a fluey virus, and being able to pick some flowers and put them on the table is very cheering. Hope you're feeling better now x.

  8. colour therapy :)

  9. So glad to hear that flowers made oyou feel better. Funnily enough I had a simiar thought last week and realised I hadn't picked any flowers since . . .forever, so off out I went and they were like sunshine in the cottage ;)

  10. Ooo I love those colors put together. Pretty much exactly the same colors as the flowers I used to make centerpieces for my little sisters recent Wedding Shower. She runs her own event planning business and frequently asks me to lend a hand when she is setting up for an event. As a result I've been handed many a bunch of flowers, ribbons, vases, etc. Been given a sample centerpiece and asked to make her 5 or 15 copies. So this time I set out to see what I could do all by mee-self and I was quite please with the results! The.colors.just.worked.


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