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My boys are home.  Despite the piles of dirty washing, the haversacks, the bits of holiday detritus and the house smelling of drying tents and sleeping bags it is lovely to have them back :)

Eldest survived (happily it seems) his DofE  despite the rain and the blistering sun and the miles and miles walked in the Lakes and Youngest has come back from visiting WW1 trenches in Belgium and France with so many photos and stories that we have barely touched the surface and he's still regaling us with ....and we saw this...and then that happened....we went there.....and we ate this.....and the stories keep spilling out.

Eldest took  photos of his friend who is self assured enough to do this.......
....................walk around dressed like a smurf whilst doing his DofE. 
No we don't know why either!

Eldest also took wonderful images of the early morning sky - he got up about 4am and stood with his camera as the rest of the walking group slumbered on.

Youngest had a mission whilst on his trip - find a special gravestone - and he did.

Now, while the rain hammers down (fantastic thunderstorm last night) my lads are gently recovering from their adventures.

Like I said - it's good to have them home.


  1. Sounds like the both had a good time. Love Eldest's photo of the sunrise, with such interestingly shaped clouds.

  2. Eldest takes after you, takes interesting photos at all hours of the day. Fascinating cloud formation. No wonder he got up to take pictures. We are so thrilled that youngest was able to complete his mission, with such wonderful results. xx

  3. It's wonderful how your boys have taken on the cloaks of adventurers - not surprising considering your bent for such, Hawthorn. You must be so proud of them! That is a beautiful sky your 'eldest' has photographed, and you've got to love the Smurf; fantastic! Congratulations to 'youngest' on his big achievement! Happy catch-ups, xoJoy

  4. Both of your sons have been on wonderful adventures.
    The photos of the early morning sky are terrific, does Eldest take after you, I wonder ?
    We've had thunderstorms this afternoon, much quiter and still here now and thankfully not so muggy!

  5. Mine just about to disappear off into the Dales for 2 nights camping with best friend, I wonder what tales she'll come back with.


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