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Liebster Award part 2

After yesterday's marathon waffle - I promise this will be a lot shorter.

My 11 nominees, in no particular order, for the Liebster Award are :

  1. Caravan Crafts 
  2. Super Gran
  3. Threads through my life
  4. a butterfly in my hair
  5. More Powerful Beyond Measure 
  6. Just-Do
  7. "ook?!"
  8. A Whole Plot of Love
  9. Needles and Wool
  10. Thistlebear
  11. The House with the Blue Door
Well done everyone - I get so much pleasure from reading your blogs and pass this award on to you as a thank you,

And my questions to you are -
  1. I love hearing the sound of the rain, coming from Africa it is seen as a gift, how do you feel about the rain?
  2. Ever done something at school that at the time seemed really cool but now - you've realised 'how silly' it was?
  3. Got any tattoos and/or piercings? Care to share/reveal??
  4. What is on your knitting needles or crochet hook at the moment?
  5. When I need a little 'me time' I put on the fairy lights, light some incense and reach for my crafting - what do you do?
  6. What is the perfect film to take your best friend to see? (Can be current or vintage) and why that particular one?
  7. Do you have a favourite colour/s above all others? 
  8. Does that colour dominate your wardrobe?
  9. What bit of technology could NOT do with out?
  10. Is there something that wish you could perfect or even attempt? For me it is knitting socks - something I will do......one day.
  11. If you could travel to anywhere in the world for a picnic with your most favourite person, where would it be and what would be in your picnic basket - go on the world is your oyster!

I so look forward to reading your answers and before I forget - please can the new nominees include
  • 11 random facts about themselves, 
  • answer my 11 questions,
  • then choose 11 blogs they feel deserve the Liebster Award 
  • think of 11 questions you would like to ask them :)


  1. Thank you for nominating me for the award and for the kind comment. However, I've just done the Liebster award and nominated your blog in my post on entitled 'Liebster Award -Second Part' on 14/06/14! Looks like we've both had the same idea x

    1. No way! How did I miss that? must have had my head buried in the books xx Thank you (belatedly :) )

  2. No worries - it's a lovely way to get people looking at new blogs and I enjoyed the process. It's nice to see you back, and hope the exams went well x

  3. I love the way you bloggers appreciate each others blogs. I think the award is a wonderful idea as it must make you feel your efforts are worth while. xx

  4. Thank you very much, I'm so excited. I need to put my thinking cap on now!

  5. Thank you for nominating me, I will have to have a good think before I can get started.

  6. Thank you so much Kate for nominating my blog! I am so happy that you enjoying reading it and I will definitely be filling out my own shortly :)
    take care,

  7. Thank you for nominating my blog!! I am so glad you enjoy reading it. I apologize for being so slack with my appreciation. We have been on a wonderful vacation...traveling from Georgia to Colorado to see our son and then back again. Many hours of driving and seeing the countryside. I will have to give some thought and attention to your nomination soon. Hope you are well! Best, Vicki

  8. thank you so much for the nomination dear Kate!: )
    wishing you a beautiful August,

    warm wishes


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