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Solstice magic

We walked as quickly as we could up a densely covered heathery hill, racing to catch the last rays of the dying summer solstice sun.  We sat in silence as we watched the colours of the sky turn intensely orange, highlighting the dramatic heavy clouds. Then gradually the sun slipped down and the sky began to pale.

We returned down the slope to where were had planned to set up camp and in the fading light laid out the sleeping bags ready. Our mattress was going to be the thick mounds of scented heathers.

 Further down, where the car was parked we fired up the kelly (if there is one thing you buy yourself this year - make it this) and drank hot chocolate and greedily ate ginger cake.

It never really got dark that night as we lay in our sleeping bags. Whispering to each other as we watched shooting stars and satellites cross the steely grey blue sky. Then as I began to drift off at about 2am, Eldest whispered 'owl!'

I opened by eyes and was met by the dark shadow of a barn owl as it silently flew just over head. The down draft of its wings wafting my fringe - what a thrill of magic!

The moon appeared about 3am and I took photos of it as Himself lay watching it rise.

Himself later watched the sun rise as we all slept, taking pictures first of the sun itself then of the mist as it filled the valleys, leaving us marooned on our 'island' hill.

Breakfast was piping hot mugs of coffee and steaming pots of porridge.

Our experience was magical and we all felt elated afterwards, making plans to repeat our micro-adventure - Oh wild camping - you were amazing. Thank you.


  1. What a fabulous experience! Great photos as usual. Don't you just love owls, it must have been saying good night to you.

  2. Wow, what an experience. What a sunset. xx

  3. What a wonderful thing to do - magical from start to finish - and how about the extra blessing of the owl - WOW!
    I think it's so special that each member of your family is happy to share these times together, Hawthorn! xoJoy

  4. What a fabulous experience for you all, it sounds amazing!

  5. Don't you do such wonderful things! That just sounds amazing and your photos are magical!

  6. sounds wonderful, invite me next year - please!

  7. Oh well now I just finished saying that your other photos were stunning and I'm not left with any adequate adjective to describe these...!


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