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Oh what a glorious summer

It has been, it has to be said, a wonderful summer so far. A usual summer tends to last all of 24 - 48 hours and then the drought is broken with rain for the next few months. Any way, all this glorious sunshine makes our micro-adventures all the more delicious!

Like the one we had today. We stopped at an erratic and geo-cached, loitered and took photos. It stands high up on a wild and windy moor (except today it was rather less moody and more hot and African like with dry rich red grasses and hazy skies) With your back against the great stone the view ahead it nothing short of glorious.
Tap on the picture to enbiggen it. You are looking the three peaks of Wernside, Ingleborough and Pen-y-ghent.

Another delightful moment was finding yarnbombing in Kildwick Church  - enough to make anyone smile :)

I love the Narnia lamp's bombing - especially the red 'sea-monster' effect just below the light.

Last weekend we had a steaming hot walk - when it is one of those, we tend to linger near streams and rivers to allow the dog (and us) to dabble our toes. But we do have to be careful. On this micro-adventure we came across snakes, monkeys in the wood and a troll under the bridge............. oh yes we did!


S'funny what you find when you are out and about - and do you know what? It makes life so much more interesting when you do!

Have yourselves a lovely weekend and go out and enjoy a micro-adventure of your own!

PS it is NEVER too warm to knit....


  1. Love the yarn bombing but not so keen on meeting a scary snake like that!!! You have stitched those three photographs of the three peaks together perfectly. I always think your geo-caching takes you to some really interesting places. xx

  2. Great pics Hawthorn; lovely memories of yet another happy family adventure. I do love your blue nail polish and bright green yarn as well as the yarn bombing, but oh my, that beautiful scenery takes some beating! Joyxo

  3. love your walks but prefer mine to be finished before 8am in this heat. Us pale english roses just can't take the mid day sun and need lots of shade. Love the sun, like to nip in and out of it then admire it from under the garden parasol that way I can keep the allergic reaction to a minimum :-)

  4. Your photos are super lovely in this post.
    You always have such great adventures.

  5. Another great walk and photos. Love the big stone with the steps going up it. Nice to see some local yarn bombing!

  6. Lovely photos, and such beautiful scenery too, I love the unexpected yarn-bombing, and it's nice to have a bit of knitting or crochet with you so that you can be creative in the great outdoors!

  7. Just catching up after my blog break. Some gorgeous outdoor images here. And yes, it's been a totally glorious summer so far (apart from the few days here in this Welsh valley where the temps went over 30˚C, that was a tad too 'glorious' for yours truly). Here's hoping the rest of the summer is as kind.


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