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Dipping in the toe....

Those of you who have blogged for a while will know what I mean when I say that every now and then, when you have something to say or not, you don't blog. Days go by, stories are written in my head, photos are taken and memories made all with the intention of being shared.

Then weeks go by. Sometimes even months.

Then, it seems hard to start blogging again. That initial drive of the early years seem to have slowed down and blogging seems to be put aside for later.....and later....and suddenly it feels that it has been lost.

I am here, back trying to dip my toe back in to the waters of blogging.  After months of studying where both blogging and crafting suffered, I am returning. Thank you to those who have lingered and visited and waited.

So. To kick start my return to waffling, I shall share my latest knitting and walking and breathing and seeing.

This is my current w.i.p, a slouchy hat in my favourite colours. I'd made excellent progress on the broad ribbing band when I noticed one stitch was purled and not knitted or knitted and not purled (depending which side I looked at it!) and I did look at is very severely on both sides and it was WRONG on BOTH SIDES (phfff).

 Before I noticed the errant stitch.
 Can you see it? I can and it is SHOUTING at me!
 Yup. That one.......
 Despite the severest staring-at I gave the stitch, there was nothing for it,
 but to let it run down and crochet it back up.
Ah ha, better. The initial tightness of the crochet stitch has since relaxed 
and is not noticeable in the slightest. Happy now :) 

Fast forward a week in which work was a whirlwind of busy-ness and my exam results came through*. Now - Saturday -  we went for a most needed walk. My knitting came along too. What views we had as I started the main part of the hat. The rows and the miles seemed to fly under the warm and sunny sky.

As you can see - a lot of serious knitting walking has happened to day :)

More soon - I promise xxx

* I passed my exams (woo hoo phew!)


  1. Congrats on your exams! Must feel good, I bet. Very clever looking knitting repair!? Made no sense to me, but clearly worked a treat. Also impressed by your knitting while walking prowess! Great job all round!

  2. Hello Hawthorn, I know exactly what you mean regarding the blogging or lack of and I'm having a wee struggle myself right now ….
    Big congrats on your exams, well done, must be a huge relief to know it was all worth while:) And congrats on the neat fixing of your knitting stitch: your colours are lovely together and knitting up beautifully. What a lovely view sitting by the water's edge, how calming is that, and thank you for sharing, it's really nice to have your news again! Happy Sunday, xoJoy

  3. Yes - totally understand about the blogging. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who writes a story in my head and it never gets any further. Some people mention about having a notebook and writing it down so that they always have some planned posts. I'm not sure I could be doing that!
    Well done on pasding your exams. GCSE results soon. Slightly scary - but what will be will be.
    That looks a perfect spot to sit and just "be" in your photos. Mind you it's raining so hard at the moment there may well be a river here soon.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. X

  4. Congratulations on your exam results. Hawthorn followers, what she is not saying is that she got a Distinction. I can say it as her proud Mum. I hope you bloggers get your blogging mojo back as I enjoy reading all your blogs and comments. :) xx

  5. Congratulations!! That is a lovely blue to knit with...and a good place to knit too.
    Blogging can be difficult at times, the mood can be wrong, you get too tired....but we're all here still, mostly xx

  6. Well done Hawthorn with your exams. I am glad Jak revealed you got a distinction! As I sit here it is raining outside but your pictures lift my spirits.


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