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Gone a little giddy! (AND suffering a little from 'bangorreah')

I have gone a little giddy :)  I can be heard to go squeeeeeeeee!!! and grin a silly big grin.
Well, coz I have finally mastered the art of knitting with two yarns AT*THE*SAME*TIME on the SAME*FINGER!
Squeeeeeeeee (there I go again!)!!

After what felt like a very long week (partially I suspect coz I was working the later shift than normal and partly due to a very sore back) doing a row or two of this tam has made my heart sing and made me feel a whole lot calmer and ready for the weekend.

Oh and bangorreah? I am surprised at you!! Surely you lot should know what I have been suffering!!!!!


Have a lovely weekend :) I certainly intend on doing so :)


  1. Have a good weekend. The hat is looking great!

  2. Wow that's impressive! I've never heard of knitting with two yarns on the same finger. The hat is looking great.

  3. I see you are not using the mono colours of the pattern but a lovely mixture of colours instead. It should look beautiful. Hope you now get more time to get it done. xx

  4. It's a difficult skill to master isn't it ... I'd say much squeezing is the least that can be expected when a person cracks it. Well done!

  5. The hat is looking good - you must have a great deal of patience :) I've had a bad back too for the last fortnight. A good reason for regular sit-downs to crochet, I think x


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