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Things that make me smile :)

Thank you for your kind comments - it seems that we all have bloggers block some time or other :) As I type this the weather has done a complete turn around and is raining heavily.......... It is our village agricultural show today.....may be they should change it to a sailing event. Hey ho. Eldest has gone to a birthday BBQ - again I suspect the weather may play some teeny-tiny part in a change of plan. Hmmm. 

Youngest and I are quietly planning indoor things like baking, blogging and gentle bumbling about which will change I am sure as soon as Himself returns - he is a 'do-er and mover' and he will probably galvanize us out of our quite happy sloth-dom!

Any way - things that make me smile - 

 Finding a bag of gorgeous courgettes at my back door from a gardening friend. 
 Noticing the delicately nodding heads of harebells on an evening walk.
Huge skies above Pendle. 
 Having a 16 year old still happy to slosh around in puddles as he tests his new wellies.
The smallest froghopper I have ever seen, happily posing on Eldest's hand. 
 Finding a Victorian culvert manhole cover and hearing the diverted stream gurgling beneath it.
A very pretty pigeon coup garden perched precariously on the side of the hill. 
 Carefully stepping over the tiniest froglet imaginable as it strides across a foot path towards a marshy area for sanctuary.
Humour even in memorandum. 
Sheep popping up in unexpected places.

What makes you smile? 
What have you seen recently that was unexpected and delightful?

Hope you had a lovely weekend. I am off for a week but not going away - just a job swap......for this week I will be a full time chauffeur to my two boys....... *yay*


  1. I love that carved sheep. What a surprise on a walk. I can see more courgette soup coming up!! What a nice find on your doorstep. xx

  2. Glad to see you back. Your wip is going better than mine, been stuck on the same few rows since Friday night and absolutely fed up with repeating the same few to find I've mad yet another (although different ) mistake. I have lots of blogs in my head too but most seem determined to stay there. Enjoy your job swap week.

  3. You always post about such interesting subjects Hawthorn, and I always enjoy them, thank you:) That surely is one big puddle your son is checking out so I hope those new boots really are waterproof, haha! Enjoy your week, it sounds like it will be fun, xoJoy

  4. Again, you have found very different things to photograph and they're all great!
    Over the weekend, I realised we have a very silly dove in our garden that has made her nest on the top branch of a tree and as hurricane Bertha breezed across the UK has had to cling on for dear life as the branch bent and swooshed around in all directions. This morning she's still there, clinging on!

  5. Just catching up here after my hols. That sky over Pendle looks awesome, and perversely I love the puddle shot ... I have a daughter who's now in her 20s who still jumps in puddles just like she did when she was four!

  6. I have to be boring and write great photos (yet again!). The sheep sculpture is amazing.


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