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Five things of happiness

Sharing laughs with Youngest as we spent quality time together just goofing around.
Eating a delightfully tasty buck rarebit for lunch with a bunch of teenagers
 Finding ancient beauty inspired by nature
 Finding out that I am not the only one =^,^= xx
Spotting beautifully made fabric panels in Hebden Bridge 
The detail is gorgeous.

What makes you happy?
What makes you laugh out loud?
Have you goofed around recently?

Having teenagers around for the summer holidays can be hard work - but it can also be a delight and I have been privileged enough to be allowed to join in in their fun - thanks guys!


  1. Teenagers get such bad press, it's easy to forget what fun they can be. I love their company. The passion they show in their ideas, and enthusiasm can be catching :)
    Love the pink graffiti too.

  2. It's great that you have shared such good fun. I've always loved the school holidays and this year like every year has seemed to fly by so so quickly.
    Simple things make me happy.
    I laugh the most over the simplest silly things that an innocent bystander might not sometimes see in the same light as me. If I'm with a friend then we really can't help ourselves and do giggle even louder!

  3. Yes the holidays have flown by and we have enjoyed having one or other teenager to share some of the days with, thanks for lending them to us. xx

  4. Love the metal work on the ancient gate. At the moment I am too busy to be goofing around! Am very happy to see a tawny owl most days in the tree behind the house. Very happy to see him.


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