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Feeling dem holiday blues.....

Why is it that after a summer holiday (as brief and as instant as it was) there are always piles of washing? I had originally delighted under the misconception that there had only been one load to do and as I pushed the clothes into the washing machine, I actually congratulated myself (and the boys of course) on this wondrous event....only one load of washing!

But.   Over the course of today, as I began to slowly seep into my annual PHD (post holiday depression) more and more washing appeared and Himself took it upon himself to fill all of the washing line outside and the lazy Susan clothes rack inside.....and the piles of washing still seem to quietly grow.

Still, I should see it as a badge of a good holiday had by all.   

And it was.

A GooD HoLiDay!

I always feel a little melancholy when I return from a coastal holiday - the light is so different - so clear and so BLUE!

Oh what a lovely little holiday we had. Much knitting, walking, body boarding, picnicking, breathing and being gently happened.

But, first I must return to the tidying away of the holiday detritus - I will pop back and do some blog-catch-up and share photos and stories.

PS thank you so much for your very positive feed back on my initial steps into serious fairisle knitting. I have fallen deeply and woolly-love into fairisle knitting :)  I can not recommend it enough - the delight of the pattern quietly falling off the needles and growing gently before my eyes is absolutely wonderful.

I will leave you this last photo - my fairisle hat loitering on Snipe Point rocks on Lindesfarne. I have almost finished it, promise to show soon xx


  1. That last photograph is absolutely beautiful - the blues of the hat and the sea, and the green limpets. We usually head to Cornwall every summer, but didn't make it this year. I've definitely got a bit of coast-yearning going on :) I'd love to visit Lindisfarne one day - it looks stunning. I'll look forward to your photos (after the washing, of course) x

  2. What lovely blue skies. Can't wait until we are there at the end of the month. Good job the weather was fine for all the washing. I wondered about only one load - 2 teenagers for 1 week surely produce quite a few loads. xxx

  3. I thought Lindisfarne was such a beautiful amazing place when I visited and so calming. I shall look forward to seeing more of your photos. Glad you had a lovely time.
    As for the washing I have to agree, where does it all come from. Every year I pack less and less of my clothes in the hope that I have less washing to do on my return home, but this is never the case. On investigation I've found out that my husband fills the gaps in the suitcase and packs more and more and more of his clothes just incase!

  4. Great photos. Great hat; can't wait to see it finished. One load of washing??? Hmm!!! Never been to Lindisfarne but your photos make it look so lovely; such blue skies and the wonderful sea. No wonder you have PHD. Cure for PHD? More knitting!


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