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20 things (Not quite)


Youngest and I spent today together with a self imposed camera challenge. We listed 20 things that we had to find and photograph. We didn't succeed with all twenty, these are the ones we did find. These pictures are mine, Youngest is yet to download his collection - he has collapsed on the settee with a mug of tea!

Boots, circles, bridge, cow, gargoyle, hands, rapids, reflections, shadows, stepping stones,  stones in water, thistles and wild life.

Thank you Bolton Abbey for supplying our entertainment :)


  1. Thought I recognised those stepping stones and beach. I love Bolton Abbey. Beautiful pictures as usual. Are they all your pictures or some of them taken by youngest ? xx

    PS Just looked again, there is no way you can take pictures of your own legs from that angle, so some must be his pictures!!

  2. Great photos. I too recognised Bolton Abbey even though I have not been there for 25+ years. Liked the idea of your challenge too. In fact, there is nothing not to like about this post.

  3. What a great idea - I'm sure Matt would like that too - an element of competition always gets him interested! x

  4. rather pleased with myself, I'd recognised Bolton Abbey before getting to the end of the post. Love, love, love your picture of seed heads

  5. Looked again at the legs and boots - should have realised they were not yours. I recognise those familiar scuff marks on youngest's boots. Last picture - two magpies, very lucky if you can go by the rhyme.....one for sorrow, two for joy........Did you salute Mr Magpie? xx

  6. What a great idea and a fun thing to do. Love the photos!

  7. Your photos seem really capture the place :) I love the details, like the stones in the water and the shadows on the steps. Looks like a lovely day out x

  8. Hi Jak,
    think you need to go to specsavers, or do I. I thought they were swallows!
    Lovely photo's as usual

  9. OOOps just looked again. Need new glasses!!!


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