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rip rip hook hook knit knit

Have you noticed?

That slight but inevitable turn towards autumn?

The seasons move on, summer softens and fades away and autumn gently but stubbornly moves in.  Well, I think we are on the cusp of a seasonal coup de'etat. I am not sure if I am ready for it yet.

My Shakespeare slouchy is no longer. Rip rip rip. It is quite cathartic - frogging.  The process of the regressive whirling of knitting is fascinating. Each stitch dissolving in milliseconds as it is wound back in to fat yarncakes.

Autumn always washes me with a melancholic feel. I find I try to resist the changes of the season around this time, deliberately not noticing the changing of the horse chestnut tree leaves from a summer mat green to hues of terracotta, rust and yellow.

I've not even had my summer holiday yet..... here's hoping for an Indian summer (or at least and English one without excess rain and cloud cover.....!) But I have to wait another two weeks - may they fly by.

I have two projects (officially) on the go. One is the replacement hat for the Shakespeare slouchy the other is a bit of a secret, will be able to reveal soon, once a certain birthday boy has received it :)

It feels good to be doing crochet again, think I need to do more :)

Well - what have you been up to?
Are feeling the impending seasonal slump?
Are you ready for the end of summer?
Are you also waiting for your summer holiday too?

Oh, before I forget and I keep doing so - how remiss of me - Hello Summertime Dreams - I've missed you and had been wondering how you were, so glad you are 'back' and thank you very much for all those lovely comments xx


  1. So you did it. Poor hat. Though I must admit it was a tad big, well rather bigger than a tad, huge!! Hope it works out this time. Start of other looks good. xx

  2. can't wait to see what you're doing next. Good luck to eldest for the impending results

  3. Alas, poor hat, I loved it too!
    (That's my very brief attempt at Shakespearian verse!)
    Can't wait to see what you're going to create next.
    I think the problem with the weather this week is if we'd had a normal english summer, we'd be thinking this week is wonderful!

  4. Oh no, poor hat. So it did not get a stay of execution. I hope it has a better second life.

  5. Alas a lot of frogging goes on here too!


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