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What's a witch's favourite lesson at school?

Spelling of course!

What a witchy day it has been, filled with laughter and silly hats. 
Where trick and treaters flooded our village in a mishmash of zombies and nurses, 
St Trinians and cute cats, masked monsters and sparkly witches.
 Our home was invaded by two special witches, 
... they immediately started casting spells with their pretty patterns
 and halloween imagery,
 it was magical!
Youngest and Himself soon joined in with our witchy coven of laughter and feasting,
all the while being surrounded by lights, pumpkins, candles and bats. 
Now, all witches flown home, food all eaten,
candles finished - we sit quietly,
having had a wonderful day
and special evening.

Thank you my dear sweet witches
for bringing such magic to today :)


  1. Love the bats! and your cat pumpkin is fab!

  2. I love all your decorations. Fabulous that you made such an effort. Mine were very understated. ☺ x

  3. Awww that looks some set for a fun party! Blessings J. x

  4. Your home looks amazing.

  5. Now that looks the real thing!!! Love the decor ....awesome!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  6. So sad to see all the decorations gone when I walked by today ... they did look good on the photos!

  7. Although we don't really do Halloween here in Oz, (it's catching on a bit), I love your decorating & glad you had a great day. Did you use the pumpkin insides to make some yummy dishes? Take care.

  8. Oh but it was the hat that made me do it...

    1. Your magical hat made you and your assistant draw some gorgeous decorations. Just sorry they were gone by the time we all got there. x

  9. THANK YOU you most excellently sPeCiAL mArVeLloUs friends, four-legged and two, for a VERY wonderful mAJiKaL celebration. Nothing better:) _/\_ xx

  10. Like Threads through my life, I too was disappointed not to see all the wonderful decorations, but I did manage to see the pumpkins. Loved that cat. xx

  11. If you would like some more incantation-inspired puns and spelliferous one-liners, I've just discovered this nutty Harry Potter 'fan blog". Still working my way through it, much LOL!



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