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While waiting for the rain to cease ...

A harkening* back to my school days,
I have rediscovered a love.
And, while the rain is hammering down outside,
 what better accompaniment during 'the making',
than listening to a podcast or three.

*US spelling


  1. Having fun?? Looks like it. They look fantastic. xx

  2. That block printing is beautiful! I see you're a fellow fan of the Knit British podcast too. :-)

  3. It looks great! I would love to work in something like this.

  4. Nice stuff...it's always a challenge to think in the 'negative' for the right prints. Love the feathers!

  5. My oh my, what can't you do? So lovely and soooooooooooo talented. Is it still raining? We've had heaps since we came home and it's also been cooler than it should be. We are in for another soaking over the weekend according to the forecast. Take care.

  6. How beautiful :) You are so creative and talented. xx

  7. Never tried this; certainly was not offered to me during my school days. It looks lovely and you have done a super job of enhancing them with paint (watercolour?). I'll not try it as I've enough unfinished projects to do! You keep doing these interesting things though as they are a great read.

  8. Wonderful..as a non crafter I am in awe of those who do!


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