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Broadening one's horizons ...

We spent a a lovely if not a little (I may be understating that somewhat) busy afternoon in York before adjourning to York University for a spot of highbrow (so high in parts it completely flew over my head) entertainment - 'Analysis of mitochondrial DNA variability in Western Eurasia' in relation to tracing the movement of early man from Africa to populating the rest of the world. Himself enjoyed it thoroughly and Youngest seemed to be quite at ease at the scientific 'jargonary' thrown at the auditorium at an unrelenting pace of information.

Earlier in the afternoon we sat in gentle but delicious sunshine watching a new university rowing team being put through their paces. Step one being how to 'shoo the geese away from the oars'! The coach/coxswain was a rather stridently voiced young man who seem to delight in making his trainees 'step in time ...on the count of ... 1 2 3  ... canoe up ... 1 2 3 ... turn to riverside ...1 2 3...'  The new recruits looked rather nervous as he told them to step in and sit down. Their first few pulls of the oar were predicatively  a little slap stick but I am sure with a bit more 'pull in time ... 1 2 3  ... don't bend your arms only use your legs ... 1 2 3'  they would get the hang of it.
The only negative part of our jolly out - York Minster.
It was on top of our visit list until we saw how much it cost to get in. So we chose to contend ourselves with admiring the beautiful stone work and extensive soaring scale of the building from the exterior.  It is a well documented fact that buildings such as the Minster run enormous running and restoration costs and that these need to be met some how. I felt the initial door charge in itself was a lot, but if you wanted to visit the tower you had to add a further amount, add more if you wanted to see the crypt and so it went on .... Hey ho.

Through out the city were green spaces filled with folk sitting in the sun, fat pigeons strolling around looking out for crumbs and well rounded, well fed, blasé squirrels. We watched them bury acorns in lawns, flower beds, in parks, in gardens, next to pathways, alongside roads in fact wherever there was a space, however small, was a fat squirrel digging up or patting down the soil as they stashed their winter horde - it was rather amusing.

Gentle reminder that the Scavenger Photo hunt is for Friday (a reminder for myself as much as any one). Don't forget to add your name to the link up tool so we can pop over and see what you have been up to :) I am looking forward to seeing all your lovely interpretations and stories :) Until then!

I see that Susan from Granny Smith's Quilting has already posted her lovely selection - talk about being organised!

A photograph inspired by a word, words inspired by the photos - October's Scavenger photo-hunt list - enjoy!

Scavenger photo-hunt BIG REVEAL for AUGUST is...
  1. 'A' is for ...
  2. Lunch
  3. 11 o'clock
  4. Black and white
  5. Looking up
  6. 'T' is for ...
  7. Landscape
  8. Two
  9. Swing
  10. My own choice

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  1. I will put up my photos tomorrow, but I'm afraid I have absolutely no idea how to link it. If someone can explain it please I'll give it a whirl!

  2. Not often I come across the term mitochondrial DNA these days! Pity the cost to go into York Minster was so expensive. Recently I looked at going to Bowes Museumand that is £10.50 to get in.... on top of over 2 hours' journey time in a car. Never mind, at least the squirrels did not charge you to watch them!

  3. if you find yourself in York again go to a service at the Minster, evensong is lovely and then you get in for free.

  4. This is the 3rd time I've tried to comment. We visited York Minster in 1991 with our two boys and it was just a donation in the box. It is amazing and awesomely HUGE. Ripon Cathedral was great & could be somewhere you'd like to visit. I only had to pay to use my camera with a gold coin. The squirrel is so cute, although I know they are considered vermin because they are grey. We antipodeans still love seeing them being industrious & running up and down. Take care.

  5. Glad you had a mostly - if busy! - time in York. Looking forward to seeing the scavenger hunt photos as they come in.


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