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The joy of knitting!

The sound of the whirling squeak and clunk of my wool winder,

The satisfying feel of the yarn slipping off the knitting pins,
The squashy goodness of yarn - cakes,
The unravelling of self-striping yarns revealing unexpected patterning.
The creating of gifts for special people - 
sshhhh can't tell you who it is for though coz it is a S*E*C*R*E*T!


  1. Beautiful yarn! It's the perfect colourway for the autumn. I'm sure the recipient will love the finished item. :-)

  2. I've seen the yarn 'in the flesh' and it is beautiful; the recipient will be so lucky!

  3. There's some gorgeous colours in that yarn. I can't wait to see it :)

  4. That wool looks gorgeous ... so excited to be heading to the Knitting and Stitching show on Saturday :)

  5. Gorgeous colours. Very autumnal. I wonder what it will be. xx

  6. Ooh, such gorgeous wool & 'colours". Can finally see pics on blogs again, as I'm on the PC in the study. Have had lots of i'net problems since we've been home and am on blogpost catchup once again. Hope to email soon. Take care.

  7. Gorgeous color for this time of the year! Happy knitting.

  8. It looks lovely and cosy whatever it may be. X

  9. I was the lucky recipient of this gorgeous shawl. I love it. It is so warm and cosy and extra special as it was made by someone special. xxx


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