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You know the routine ... a pretty young thing, or one with aspirations thereof, heavily made-up pouting duckfaces at the mirror with eyes firmly pointed at the back of the latest version of  cellphone/tablet/digi-camera as they gush forth about their current outfit.

Now. I thought that I'd give that ago.

'WhAt?!' I hear you say as you reel back in horror... no, I am not a selfie sort of person, quite the opposite in fact, I'm more likely to be found behind the lens than in front. However, I am going to break with tradition for this particular outfit. I shall assume the character so sit back and enjoy!

OMG OMG! I just can't wait to show you my outfit of the day - I am SO obsessed with this look and I just know you will want to try it for yourselves! But don't let this remix fool you - it has been a hard slog - but I'll do it for you!

OMG I am so like totally excited to share with you my bang on trend style tips, totes my lovelies, this one is so fresh it zings my fashionista taste buds and I so know it will have you reaching for your wardrobe for this incredible combination.

This will be a huge dose of inspiration - what a day - styling was so much fun yah. I love researching for these wonderful locations where I shoot my style ideas for you. I felt like a princess - a style  princess of course!

Totes amazeballs and because I just know you want to know what I am styling ...
Starting from the top
Baseball cap - a son castoff
Hippy scarf - gift from years ago 
T-shirt, shirt, two fleeces, 
one borrow from husband, one passed on by Dad.
Two waterproof jackets, small outgrown one from son,
the other - large and baggy - ideal for stashing all extra layering beneath. 
Jeans and waterproof trousers - double winter warm ones,
Two pairs of socks, one set - my own warm but short socks, 
the others extra long and rather large -borrowed from son.
Accessories - apart from my all essential armour of rings, earrings and bracelets 
A china mug of steaming tea* of course and mud,

Told ya! 

*No reason to slum it when out in the walled garden - so tea in a china mug (with hares of course) seems to be perfect!


  1. Oohhh....sorry but just love the hare mug!! x

  2. OMG OMG Just ♥ that look. (?) :-)

  3. In your photos are interesting stories. I like them. And I like your mug with hares :-) Greetings Justyna

  4. and it's not even winter yet!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the look, you will start a new trend - very shappy (muddy) and not much chic country look - thank goodness there was no pouting!!

  5. Muddy boots??? Do try to keep up with the current style as I've been modelling muddy boots for years.... The rest of it sounds a bit like what I wear most days of the year (without the pouting and hare mug!).

  6. Muddy boots are totally the fashion around here too! Love, love your mug!

  7. And an excellent taste in mugs...I've got two splendid hare ones myself!


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