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Did any one notice?

Did you?

Did you notice that I was quiet for a few days .. just a few?

Did you miss me? I hope so, coz in the honest truth - I kinda missed you lot too!

Firstly, thank you everyone who came along for the ride through June, for all your comments and responses - they made my heart squeeze.

As much as I love the great outdoors, the meadows, the sky, walking, photographing, camping, cloud watching, star spotting, mini-beast hunting (the list goes on and on...) I actually found it hard going 'reporting' daily my #30DaysWild. This was my third year of doing and for some reason the hardest.

So, those comments were just the boost I needed - thank you :)

Now, as promised - normal transmission has resumed. Here is the knitting news.

Early June I was gifted by my brother and fav-sis-in-law two balls of the yummiest, scrummiest, cuddliest, snuggliest balls of delicious yarn of Sirdar Aura in colours that sang of the sea. Sang of the sky and holidays on Scottish islands - I could not wait to start knitting.

Silly me, in my excitement I forgot to take a suitably posed picture of my yarn and needles but I managed to find an image on the net (thanks ebay).

Any hoo, I just wanted a simple asymmetrical shawl that I could wrap on my shoulders for a cooler summer evening.

I researched all my usual resources and patterns and found I was not inspired at all. Until I remembered a simple design I had used for a couple of hats that consisted of a repeated four row arrangement with alternative purl and plain giving a deep and squoshy feeling. Then by increasing by two and decreasing by one, a wing shaped shawl began to grow.
As the rows fell off the needles, it became obvious that the colour changes in the yarn
just by happy lucky chance, changed exactly on the rows.
The ridges and furrows began to develop delicious stripes of their own.
I could not have been more delighted! 
Every time I was a passenger in the car, or while sitting on the settee in the evenings,
I would knit.
Every walk we did, I would shove my knitting into my day-bag and at every stop,
the knitting would appear and I would knit a row or two. 
At our weekly knit and natter, I would knit ... no! that is a lie,
we tend to chat....eat...chat....sip tea....chat....eat cake....
I would occasionally knit a stitch or two.
Then on Saturday, while out collecting keys for Eldest's new Uni digs,
I finally completed and cast off the shawl on the return journey.
We'd planned a picnic lunch along the way and as Himself pulled off the small road
and parked beneath a hawthorn tree, I snipped the last thread.
With a small handful of remaining yarn left, I made a tassel whilst sitting in the sunshine.
Then, lunch forgotten and camera thrust at Eldest,
my new shawl and I 
twirled and posed.
We frolicked in the cool sunshine (we've had a lot of rain recently so I may have gone a little a la-la)
and we just plain showed off!
Now, at home, 
we have both calmed down and are quietly sitting together.
My new shawl and me.
Happy smile :)

PS - I do have more knitting news, but that can wait.


  1. Oh that's lovely Hawthorn & very much your colours. Thought you were exhausted by the big month of posting, but knew you'd come back with one of your wonderful craft projects. Thanks for sharing & enjoy the week ahead with less pressure. Take care.

  2. Love it :) I've been looking for a nice (simple) asymmetrical shawl pattern - this sounds good ... is it written down anywhere? And well done on doing the full 30 days of the Wild Challenge - I didn't get to read all your posts but those I did get to were brilliant.

  3. oh Wow I love that , did you have a pattern or did it just evolve. Would love the pattern if you have the designer . So good to see a post from you after the marathon of June, now back to normality ,whatever that is. Have a good week.x

    1. Barb you asked about the list - it is up and ready !!

  4. I was surprised you were back so soon. I can't imagine how you kept going for the 30 days. I'm glad you did as I got used to the daily posts! Glad you finished the shawl as I got an inkling you might be considering pulling it back! It does look good in the pictures. I look forward to seeing and touching it soon.

  5. Welcome back, sooner than I thought. Surprised you are not collapsed in a dark room after that marathon effort last month. That shawl looks gorgeous. Sent link to fav-daughter-in-law for her to read. You will have to write out the pattern for those requesting it. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. PS I think I might be tempted to try and make one too - time I made something for myself instead of all those 'kitty blankets'!! The tassel at the bottom just finishes it off beautifully. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. I rather like that more unusual colour combination.

  8. Hawthorn that is one might pretty...nay...beautiful shawl...I hope you feel very special each time you wear it. x

  9. Ooo that is just beautiful and it has a TASSEL! Which makes it 100x better! xx

  10. I am so impressed that eldest helped you out with a countryside photo shoot! Such lovely twirly, showy offy photos too, I only wish I had such a keen helper! The colours are perfectly in tune with that shot over the water with reflections. What scrumptious yarn too and a great idea to add a tassel! I bet this shawl will get a lot of use. J :-)

  11. I love the shawl. I'm not sure I would have been as dedicated as you were in getting it finished though :)


  12. That shawl is fantastic, I love the colours! I found my way over here via Shazza's scavenger hunt post at Sunshine and Celandines... if there's a July list I might be tempted to join it - can't see it anywhere on your blog though?!


    1. Hi Louise - list up and ready (which was more than I was a day or two ago!)

  13. Wonderful!! ♥ Such a beautiful color play and it goes very well with the pattern. Love your photos, too! Sunny greetings, Nata


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