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July's Scavenger Hunt list!

My word you are a keen bunch!

Before I reveal this month's list I will quickly do an update for newbies (welcome and so glad you are joining in :)  how our Scavenger Hunt goes ...

I supply a list of nine words and the tenth is 'My own choice' where you chose your own image and story.

The words are only a suggestion - so for example if the word is 'wind' it could mean capturing a sailing boat with it's sails filled with wind as it scuds across open water or it could mean a ball of wool being wound up - so - the word is just a guide.

Your challenge is to take those words, add a photo (be it one taken for the hunt or one from your archives) then write a bit of a waffle to go with it.

We usually post our pictures as from the last Friday of the month - this is so you can add your link anytime over the weekend. I post the link-up-party page early Friday morning as I have a dear Australian friend who due to the time zone is up waaaaaaay earlier than me!

There is no pressure and we all do it for fun!  This month's words were inspired by my Eldest son, so with that in mind, this month's words all have more than one meaning. (Ah the deviousness of the teenage mind!)

Welcome to July's Scavenger Hunt list.
A photograph inspired by a word, 
words inspired by the photograph.  
Remember to think laterally and interpret at you fancy, 
be it a current photo or one from your archives - Enjoy!

  1. Crane
  2. Ring
  3. Set
  4. Light
  5. Bow
  6. Spring
  7. Open
  8. Grand
  9. Park
  10. My own choice

I will do a gentle reminder in a week or two and if you have any queries just leave a comment :)

We will reconvene, share and show our photos as from Friday 28th July. All you need to do is add your name to the link up party and then we can all pop in and comment :) 

PS - thank you for your lovely comments on my shawl - there is no pattern except the 'picture' in my head! I am at present knitting another one and writing down as I go along, if it works I shall share the 'pattern' :)

Hi there my new followers - welcome  to my little corner of blogland, it lovely to see you here xx


  1. Thanks for the list! Yes, I can see several meanings for most words. That should make for a varied set of photos from each of us. Will Eldest be submitting his own interpretation???

  2. Thanks for the new list & I've already lots of ideas for this one. Sometimes I don't do it early(boo hoo), but maybe this time I'll be in first(heehee), as we've not much in the way of long distance commitments during July. As M pointed out we've not had any from Eldest for a while, so hope he does join in. Take care & I'll be in touch soon.

  3. Nice selection. Thanks Eldest xx


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